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Do You Love Your Children to Death?

#hardtruthalert **WARNING - this is really hard truth**

I woke up extremely early one morning with this on my heart and ringing in my ears. I've hesitated posting it, although I felt at 4am that it was exactly what I was supposed to do. So here it goes...

Parents, do you "love your children to death"? If you allow them to eat and drink whatever they want, then that may be exactly what you are doing. You would do anything for them that makes them happy and that is wonderful!

However, when what makes them happy is eating crap (yep, I said it) - garbage, processed, packaged, refined, sugary, fast-foods, convenient foods with no nutrition, you may in fact be loving them to death. An early death. Childhood obesity is the highest it has ever been! Even for those who are not obese, if what they are consuming regularly is described above then their insides are the same - crap. The phrase "you are what you eat" is absolutely true. Not only is childhood obesity at its highest, but so is childhood chronic diseases - illness that can be prevented, arrested and reversed by eating whole, real foods that are made from plants, not in plants. If you have children under the age of 18 or older who are still living in your home, then they are dependents. They are dependent on you. Dependent on you for ALL things, not excluding what fuels their bodies. It's up to us as parents, guardians, influencers to influence them towards filling their bodies with foods that contain real nutrition. Synthetic garbage is not what they need. They need foods that will bring them life - long life. Statistics show that the children of today are the first generation who will most likely die before their parents - and it's due to the Standard American Diet (SAD indeed). This can be changed. Appeasing them to avoid conflict, to make them "happy", to reward with all the wrong things will not change a thing. Have picky eaters? Let them go hungry long enough and they will eat. And they will eat what you serve them. I know this sounds hard and harsh, but I woke up from a very real and painful dream that morning and awoke in tears. I could not go back to sleep as a result. And this is what was on my heart and in my ears.

You will not offend me if you pass on by and ignore this warning. I did what I was directed to do - in love.

PLEASE, love your children to life! ~ Debbi

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