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  • Are you carrying more weight than you desire?

  • Have you lost weight, yet concerned about whether or not you’ll be able to keep it off?

  • Or perhaps weight isn’t an issue, but you know you could make better health choices and struggle to do so.

If so, take a look…

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You are beautiful just as you are – no matter your age, size, weight or any other way that people often measure beauty. This is a VERY TRUE STATEMENT!

Weight does NOT define who you are, but it can be a measurement of health.


Despite what many say in today’s culture, “You are perfect just as you are”, “You don’t need to change”, “Size doesn’t matter” and although these statements do hold truths, if obesity or unhealthy eating plays a part in your life, then changes DO need to happen, size DOES matter as walking in perfect HEALTH is God’s desire and original plan for you.

There are truths to the Culture of Today’s “feel-good” statements, but there are also dangers that lurk. Obesity is a sign of other things going on inside the body that are not so feel-good. Obesity is classified as being 100 pounds or more overweight.

But it’s not only obesity that can lead to having an unhealthy body.  Being overweight (less than 100 pounds, but more than your personal height, frame, metabolism can healthily handle) is another threat of not living life to the fullest.

But hear me…shedding pounds is not what makes one healthy – a healthy lifestyle of nutritional eating and exercise is what will. Pounds can be lost in an unhealthy way.

Calories can be consumed from dead foods or from live foods – they are not created equal. Dead foods lead to…well, death. Yes, we are all going to die at some point, but we can do things to extend our lives to live the full life that God intended for each and every one of us. We often blame others or even the devil for things that we are doing (or not doing) to ourselves that will make a difference. But that can change

…if we are willing!

We must be WILLING to make the necessary changes that will leave us living a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. 

Are you WILLING? 

If you said, “Yes” but struggle with breaking through the mental bondages that often keep us from making changes, I am here to help!


It’s my life’s mission to influence YOU live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. 

You see… I know. I understand. I’ve been there. I have experience. I have a testimony of conquering that bondage and living in the freedom of the victory!

Now I want to help YOU!

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