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Who is 4theWilling's Ready & WILLING! for?

  • Women

The information I offer in my consultations and workshops will benefit both men and women alike; however, my heart's desire is to connect to others who I can relate to on a more personal level. As a woman myself, I know what we go through on an emotional level, dealing with hormones, the struggles of carrying excess weight on our bodies and the challenges of making lifestyle changes from a female's perspective. My 4theWilling clients are women.

  • All Ages
Older woman wearing straw hat on beach

Age is not a defining factor in weight loss and health gain. From the young woman in her 20's to the seasoned woman in menopause, every age has the same ability for making lifestyle changes that will benefit them in both realms. As someone who struggled with weight all of her life and who did not come to a full awareness of the reality of a true lifestyle change until in her 50's and menopausal, I realize that any woman, young or old has the same opportunities for change. Age does not matter. My 4theWilling clients are all ages. 

  • Desire More than Weight Loss

Physical weight can be lost in an unhealthy manner. I want to not only help and promote the loss of weight, but more importantly the benefits of gaining health. As a holistic nutritionist and health and wellness coach, my desire is to approach weight loss with the perspective of gaining much more in the way of health. With longevity of life as a focus, weight loss and health gain go together hand-in-hand. I want others to experience the same increase of life in all aspects that I have - more energy, feeling younger, feeling better than ever! My 4theWilling clients desire health gain as much as losing weight.    

Smiling Young Woman
  • Seek God's Word
Woman with Bible

Everything is founded on the Word of God. Scripture is used as a foundation for everything we do. I believe the Word, and I believe that we can do ALL things through Christ Who gives us strength. Nothing is impossible to those who believe. With God's Word as a base and our willingness to take action, nothing will stop us from reaching our goals. Together we will do this! 

My 4theWilling clients seek God's Word.

  • Willing!

Having head knowledge of what is needed for change and being willing to make those changes are two different things. Having a willingness to take the suggestions given, to apply them to their life and willingly put forth the effort is the most important part of any program. Without being willing to do what is necessary, nothing will change. My 4theWilling clients are willing.

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