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Health Gain by Weight Loss

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Health gain by weight loss is what I personally experienced when I changed my health lifestyle.

I was obese. Obesity is not just about size, it’s about health - or rather, lack of good health.

Although today’s society is about making everyone “feel good” by saying you are fine just the way you are, the reality is that you are not. If obesity is an issue, it goes much deeper than the outer layers of your skin, your personality, your beauty as a person. It goes deep into the organs of your body that bring you life. .

You may be fine in your own skin and that’s a great thing! But if you are unhealthy (and nothing about obesity is healthy) then you are shortening your life on earth. YOU are important. YOU have a reason for being here. YOU are an influence to those around you and only YOU can bring your purpose to this earth and to those people. .

Don’t shortchange those who need you. Get healthy. When you lose weight in a healthy, nutritional way, you gain health. Gaining health gains life.


It’s time to get real and decide to gain health by weight loss!

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