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How To Eat an Elephant

How do you eat an elephant?  The answer is…one bite at a time!!

Many times when thinking about the need to lose weight, we look at the Elephant.  That large, big eared mammal that would take a bulldozer to knock over!  How can we ever do it on our own?

What is it…20, 50, 100 or more pounds that you need to lose?  Does that seem like a huge obstacle and one that can’t be beat?

Making small, attainable, ‘bite-sized’ goals makes digesting that big elephant easier and therefore doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming and much more attainable.

The key to success in reaching the ultimate goal is taking baby steps or making bite-sized goals and rewarding yourself along the way. One by one each goal is attained and before you know it you have conquered the BIG ONE!

Set your own goals and rewards depending on what your big elephant is however here is an example to get you on your way… Big Elephant: to lose 115 pounds Current Weight: 250 lbs  Goal Weight: 135 lbs  Bite-Sized Goals: 10% of Weight

Beginning Weight     minus 10%         New Weight          Reward

250.0                           –   25.0                  =   225.0                manicure & pedicure

225.0                          –   22.5                  =   202.5                massage

202.5                          –   20.5                  =   182.0                new pair of shoes

182.0                          –   18.0                  =   164.0                weekend away

154.5                          –   16.5                  =   148.0                new lingerie

148.0                          –   15.0                  =   133.0                New Wardrobe!

Set your goals and rewards, print them on index cards and keep them in front you.  This way you will constantly be reminded of what you are working for.  Check them off or cross them out as you reach each goal.  Set your rewards based on what it is worth to you and be sure to give yourself the reward when you reach those goals! 

So… have fun with it, take one bite at a time and EAT THAT ELEPHANT!

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