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Notes and Notes and More Notes

The second day of my head in the books.

I'm trying to find my groove - schedule for studying, best place to do so, etc. I function best with a plan, with a schedule, with a formula and with organization. It's coming, but may take a little while.

Yet, despite not feeling like I'm all together, I've taken more notes today, learned more about the skeletal, muscular and cardiovascular systems than I ever thought possible.


I find it absolutely enthralling. I'm learning and retaining.

The one thing I DO feel confident in is my structure for studying. I have already discovered that if I read and highlight the key points, then go back and take notes on them that I'm actually retaining more than I thought I would.

Does it take longer that way? Yes, but you see - I don't want to just pass this certification, I want to LEARN and in order to do that I have to find a way that retainment is formed and it seems this formula may be working for me.

I should be completing the first part of my first assignment tomorrow, so that will be the true test.

For now, please excuse me. I have more Notes to take!

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Only your excitement could make me want to go back to school... keep up the note taking but be careful not to let your head burst!!! 😉

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