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Welcome to Reality

Who was I kidding?

MYSELF! Well, I was only partially kidding myself.

Let me explain.

You see, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I mean, I knew this study and certification was legit and I knew that time and dedication would be involved, but as far as how much I could do, in what amount of time it would take, and how the program would be set up, I just wasn't sure.

On Monday, before my textbooks arrived, I decided to open up the curriculum instructions for the first course, Holistic Nutritionist, and take a look at the course objectives, the assignments and breakdown of schedule. In doing so I noticed that most all of the assignments are broken down into five chapter readings and then answering roughly an average of five questions. This pattern is what is continued in each Weekly Schedule.

I looked and thought to myself, "This is going to be easy! I can knock this out long before my assigned completion date." I took out my pencil (thank God it was pencil and not pen) and began to mark the days of the week and what I would accomplish in my calendar. Thankful that this particular week has coincided with having extra time at home due to a break in my fitness classes that I teach, I figured it will be a great test to see how much I can accomplish. "Let's see...on Tuesday I have nothing planned after a class in the morning, so I can surely read five chapters and answer five questions in that day. Then on Wednesday I only have one commitment mid-day that will last about an hour and a half, so surely I can read five more chapters and answer five more questions. And...hmmm...between Thursday and Friday there's no reason I can't read five more chapters and answer five more questions. WOW! That would have me two weeks ahead of schedule. Bring it on!"

So I thought.

Tuesday I sat down to read the first paragraph of the first chapter and suddenly I realized this is not your Little Goldenbook of Nursery Rhymes. With my textbook, spiral notebook, pen and highlighter I began to read. Then highlight. Then reread. Then take notes. An hour goes by. Then another hour. And another. Before I know it, my time is up. I'm mush and I'm only through Chapter 2.

The next morning I set out with all the tools in my belt once again and start in Chapter 3. An hour and a half later, my mid-day commitment has arrived and I must take a break. Lo and behold, I just finished Chapter 3. WHAT?

I finished out the day and continued on into the night. With my husband traveling this week, it left a very quiet home in the evening which was perfect for continuing on in my studies. So I continued. By bedtime, I was once again mush, but at least I've completed all five chapters. With plans to start fresh in the morning and knock out those questions, I went to bed and slept very well.

Wake Up Call

This morning as I walk to my desk, pull out my notes and bring up the first five questions of the assignment, I'm eager to get them answered. With my fabulous highlights and note-taking, I should be able to get them accomplished quickly and then jump right on in to Chapter 6! Yes, I've got this!

As I sat down to read the directions for answering the questions, I quickly realized this is not going to be a simple "Answer the question in a complete sentence and move on to the next" type scenario. No, not at all. Each question is more like writing a page. The worst part is that with all my fabulous highlights and note-taking, much of what I needed was not written in my spiral. Back to the book I go.

I did finally finish all five questions...THREE HOURS LATER!

At least now I have a realistic idea of what I will be able to accomplish in a week's time and to put it mildly, it's as if I slapped myself in the face and said...

"Welcome to Reality!"

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