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What Does the 4 Represent...?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

4theWilling Health Gain by Weight Loss, Health & Nutritional Consulting is a faith-infused environment for the willing heart, mind, soul and body, based on Mark 12:33. To experience a true lifestyle change that will last, we must dig much deeper than simply changing eating and exercise habits and consuming the correct foods. Those areas are vitally important, however, without the fundamental aspects being addressed first, those other details will not create a new style of life. The concept of 4theWilling is broken down into FOUR areas: Heart = Hope

Create hope and expectations towards creating a new style of life. Mind = Mentality

Break mental bondages that prevent success. Soul = Decisions & Discipline

Make decisions for change and find the discipline to be successful. Strength = Physical

Take action for physical change to create a new life. We work together to address every level with the end goal being success to create a new, healthy lifestyle that leads to health gain by weight loss. Together we WILL do it! #4thewillingquestions

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