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What I Learned Today

After I cleaned up from my 4+ mile morning walk and a good dose of Vitamin D, I sat down to begin answering questions on the current assignment.

After doing so, I realized that I had not watched the assigned videos. No worries, I will start them while I eat lunch.

First Lesson not watch a video on advanced stage of atherosclerosis—lined with fat and cholesterol, while eating lunch!

Other key points I learned or was refreshed on from the videos I watched that are worth noting:

  • We absorb BPA through our skin and mouths from handling paper receipts from stores and if our hands are wet even from antibacterial cleaner, the amount of BPA absorbed is even greater.

  • Fatty streaks, the first stage of atherosclerosis, were found in the arteries of nearly 100% of kids by age 10, raised on the Standard American Diet.

  • The risks of Coronary Heart Disease can be reversed with a plant-base diet (lower in meat and animal products and higher in vegetables and fruits) and the younger it starts, the better.

  • The MAJORITY of herbal supplements do not contain what they claim to, even if the label states 100% of that ingredient. Therefore the best way to receive your nutrients is directly from food.

  • Eating a diet of higher meat proteins and lower plant foods results in higher levels of Cortisol which result in higher stress and obesity.

  • In the same way that you jump in to save a child you see drowning or no matter how sleep deprived you may be you will get up in the middle of the night to feed a hungry infant, these are things that are not determined by willpower, but rather things YOU JUST HAVE TO DO. The same is said for stopping smoking or eating and living a healthy lifestyle - YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT!

  • A study has shown cancer rates to drop as a result of giving blood.

  • A recent study following thousands of “mother-child pairs,” found that eating meat during breastfeeding was associated with an increased risk of both preclinical and full-blown type 1 diabetes by the time their child reached age 8.

  • More to come...

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