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A Field Day

I'm sitting here having breakfast and watching out the back door/windows at the fresh cut field and watching the hawks have a Field Day. I literally said that out loud to myself,

"Wow, those hawks are having a Field Day!"

It made me think about that phrase that I've said for years without really understanding it. I knew generally speaking what it means, but until seeing this sight this morning, it never really sunk in.

In looking it up, I find that it originated in the 1800's with military maneuvers that happened in the field. As we use it today it means having a grand time, enjoyment or pleasure.

What I think it really means is what I experienced this morning.

The field behind my home was cut yesterday and in doing so, it revealed the truth of what was under that high grass. It opened up what was covered to now see what is there, makes it clear. Nothing is hidden any longer and those hawks are able to see every movement of mice, bugs, birds that used to hide in the high grass.

They are having a Field Day! I'm watching several as I type - they perch in the trees and then when they see what they want, they take off and swoop down to catch what their eyes have seen.

Call me deep this morning, but I feel like as Christians, true believers in the true Word of God and what it says in truth, that we should be having a Field Day.

So much as been revealed, so much that was hidden is now out and in the open. The ground is clear and we should be seeing and swooping. Not to "catch" or devour others who were hiding, but to bring them up higher into the light of this life. The TRUE light of life. This Zoe Life!

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