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A Simple Snack

Lately my local Costco has been carrying packages of organic asparagus and I've come to find it as a favorite snack in the mid afternoon. During that time of day when I want something to pick up with my hands and satisfy a low growl that comes from my midsection.

I look for the package that has the skinniest stalks as they become crispy.

I cut the whitish ends off the stalks and using my NuWave Oven (they really should pay me for promoting them), I lay them in the tray, spritz them with avocado oil and sprinkle salt, garlic powder, dried onion flakes and a little ground mustard seed powder over them. I then roast them at 350º for 10-15 minutes depending on their thickness.

After they are done, I put them on a plate and go to down munching away.

They make the best simple snack!

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