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Cauli Pizzagna

I'm always experimenting - either altering recipes or creating new ones.

Last night I created a new one that turned out to be a big WIN and will make in the future.

All ingredients are organic:

16 oz of riced cauliflower

1 large egg

4-6 oz of grated white cheddar cheese

1-1.5 lbs of ground meat (beef, elk, turkey, chicken)

1 jar of organic pasta sauce (I use Bertolli's)

Sliced veggies of your choice. (I used onion, bell bepper, green olives, grape tomatoes)

2-4 oz of grated mozzarella


I cooked the meat, added seasonings and the jar of pasta sauce and let simmer. I used a package of 100% frozen cauliflower and thawed it then added an egg and the cheddar cheese and mixed well. I used a 3 quart square casserole dish and packed the cauli mixer in the bottom as a layer adding the meat mixer on top. Then layered on top of that the sliced veggies and topped with a small amount of grated mozzarella.

I use my NuWave oven (no, I am not a paid endorser, but #nuwave if you'd like to support me I would be more than happy to accept as I've sold a good number of the machines to family and friends already) to bake it for 20 minutes. I like my veggies crunchy as you can tell in the final image, however it was really done at about 15 minutes, just long

enough to heat it all up and melt the top layer of cheese.

This meal was a hit with both my husband and myself and it's something I will refer back to often.

*Roughly 250-300 calories per serving. I made 6 servings with this recipe but could easily be made into 8 if served with a salad.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


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