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Chats with Coach Debbi

Two weeks ago, I had no thoughts of putting anything more on my plate - it was full enough. And then...BAM!

I was a guest on a friend's podcast that will air in February of 2020, Accidental Hope with Jennifer Eikenhorst, and suddenly I sensed that things were about to change. And in one week, they have.

Let me back up

A few weeks ago when having a phone conversation with Jennifer about the upcoming interview, she said something as we were hanging up, "Don't be surprised where the Lord leads this...maybe you will want to have a podcast one day."

I had not considered it until those words rang from her mouth and that is exactly what they did. They rang and then I went on with life.

Fast forward to a week ago

...when we recorded the interview. Afterwards, we chatted a bit and I don't know exactly what it was that she said, but suddenly I knew deep within me that I was going to jump.

And jump I did.

I have a lot to learn and practice makes progress, so I need a lot of practice and I'll be getting it while posting episodes beginning January 1. I've already put out a couple of promos.

May I ask a favor of you?

I ask you to follow me and subscribe to my show. You can find it on this site under Podcast. You can also search for 4theWilling - Chats with Coach Debbi on your favorite podcast platform and if you can't find it, visit my Anchor site and select the RSS feed - it should open on your device.

Please spread the word and help me help others. You just may find something beneficial in it for yourself.

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