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Hey Coach Deb, What's Up?

Yes, I started journaling my process a couple of months ago and although I've been sharing my Real Foods experiments on this site, I've not updated Come Along with Coach Debbi in quite a while.

As they say, time flies when you are having fun (or busy or both). Both would be my situation.

I'm not only leading five fitness classes a week, but also eyeball-deep in studies, having completed four of my textbooks so far and about ⅓ into the my fifth. I'm learning so much and having so much fun experimenting with different recipes for nutritional purposes. I love to find ones to tweak for my preferances or create new ones based on what I have in the kitchen.

I've had several ask me what my "diet" is and although I'm a big believer in diet being what we consume as fuel, I know what they mean. Seems everyone needs a trendy diet, but I'm opposed to them. I believe that creating a lifestyle isn't a trend, but for life. We need to focus on our lifestyles that bring, by way of nutritional eating!

I've been thinking about how to refer to my eating lifestyle quite a bit lately and have come up with a term that I'm going to use to describe it. Although what I follow is whole foods, plant-based, those are a lot of words. So I'm going to refer to my eating lifestyle as Primarily Plants. (I have no idea if it's already being used to describe an eating lifestyle or not, but it's what I will use.)

Primarily Plants follows the same pattern as whole foods, plant-based which consists of about 90% plant foods (vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, seeds and nuts) and 10% animal products (meat, poultry, fish, dairy) - although I've not had meat in over a month and don't miss it. By eating only whole foods, not processed or refined, and focusing on the nutritional benefits that come from plants I've finding I feel even better than I did before and I've felt great since changing my eating habits over five years ago. The little tweaks of cutting down meat and adding in more legumes and whole grains has made the difference.

So ask me again what "diet" I follow and I'll tell you: Primarily Plants!

And then there was this:

Those who know me know that my main source of life, inspiration and love comes from my relationship with my Lord and living in His Word. I've attended my home church for 27 years as of this year and have grown spiritually as a result over all that time due to the leading of my faithful, honorable and pastor of integrity.

I was asked to minister our Sunday morning service a couple of weeks ago and it was such an honor and huge responsibility. Although what I had planned to share had nothing to do with wellness, health and nutrition, two weeks before my Sunday to share the Lord changed that within me and directed me otherwise. So I shared. I've been a little blown away at the responses from others who've watched or listened and it fills my heart with joy. If I can touch and influence even one person to Seek Health, then it's all worth it. I'll see if I can embed the link below.

For now, I'm back in the books to continue the process for certification and learning choreography for our next Round of REV+FLOW by REFIT® so that we can begin in July with this new set of routines. So if you do not hear from me again for a month or two, you will know why.

Just know that I'm still here chugging along and I'd love for you to come along with me!


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