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Lookin' Ahead

I want us to take a journey…a journey to three months from now.

Think about it – the weather is warm, there is a smell of cut grass and flowers and everyone is breaking out the shorts and getting ready for the swimsuits to follow shortly.

Now, let’s journey back to a year ago.

How far have you come?

Have you come as far as you wanted or further or just what you hoped for?

Where can you be in three months if you get/stay on track now?

No matter what – no matter what you have done or what you haven’t; regardless if you have been doing well or not the past 2 months…today is a new day.

You can start right NOW to make a difference in your next three months. The only regrets will be if you don’t make the necessary changes now and in three months when you should be pulling out the summer clothes, you have regrets for what you didn’t do. At that point it is too late and you can’t go back in time to get different results for the current moment. However the good news is, that today is the ‘now’ and you can make huge strides to reaching your goals over the next three months.

The question is…will you?

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