My Two Big "Ah-hahs"...So Far

You may not have received an update from me in a while, but that is simply due to being consumed in my studies. I'm determined to attain my certifications while gaining knowledge and yet attain them long before my deadline. That means little time for posting on a blog - at least for now.

Speaking of studies, I wanted to take a moment to share my two largest "Ah-hah" moments with you that I've had since beginning this certification study back in April.

Ah-hah One

First, let me preface with the fact that I have been a long-time researcher in the area of health and wellness. Long before deciding to get the credentials to back up my knowledge and experience. With that said, I've always been one to look at reports and studies to see who reported them. If some Random Ron stated his opinion and called it a "study", it has never carried much weight with me. But if the report came from someplace or name that has an overall good reputation for being respectable, then I would take notice.