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So Much is NEW and DIFFERENT and That's a GOOD Thing!

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Wow, so other than posting my experiments in the kitchen under the link of Real Foods, I've not posted on this blog in over a year.!

The last post was a recap of the previous year (obviously my "other" blog posts are an annual thing, so it seems) and I found it interesting that when looking over at the final paragraph of One Step at a Time, The Future is Waiting, the final paragraph listed what I had hoped the future year would bring.

In that paragraph, I listed the things that were stirring in me to do in the coming year.

Hmm, let's see...

  • To edit, redesign and republish my book that I wrote eleven years ago. (Nope, has not been done.)

  • Publish another book, workbook style (more details to come.) (Not this either)

  • Continue publishing my Chats with Coach Debbi podcast. (Yes, this has been done although the name and look changed to From Willingness to Wellness.)

  • Form my business details and get set up to begin taking clients. (YES, but in such a different way than I anticipated.)

Let me explain:

Since the posting of the last entry which was dated February 4, 2020, several things transpired.

I had great plans of creating a 4theWilling Health Gain by Weight Loss coaching business to take clients and set up my home office for that purpose. My initial plan was to work on it in the spring and begin taking clients in the fall. Then what happened? Covid!

In March when the entire world shut down, including my Studio 4 the Willing fitness classes held at a local community center, I was dumbfounded.

What would I do? It wasn't about money. It wasn't about my health, It wasn't about it was about MY PEOPLE! My participants who relied on me to help them get and stay moving, exercise, improve their health - physically, mentally, emotionally through fitness classes! HOW CAN I DO THIS?!

That led to several weeks of cramming, learning, figuring out how to move my fitness classes to a virtual setting. I had never used any virtual platforms except for one time when I was a guest on a podcast for a friend. I had no concept how to use Zoom or anything else to host classes.

But I learned. I learned quickly. I spent money to to upgrade my wifi service and bandwidth. I rearranged furniture and through trial and error (and more trial and error) finally figured out how to host classes from my upstairs family room to keep my fitness-family moving. For THEIR health! And it worked! By April I was holding three classes a week via Zoom meetings.

It was a month-by-month wait-and-see as to what was going to happen, when things would open up and therefore my plans to begin and use the coaching certifications I had worked so hard to achieve the year prior were put on hold. Indefinitely.

In the meantime, I created a virtual studio out of my upstairs family room as it was obvious things weren't opening up anytime soon.

Since the beginning of April 2020 to the date of this posting, I have held over 200 Virtual classes and not a single one did I ever have a no-show! Every single virtual class had at least one person show up for class and usually it's much more than that. That proves the value of how my people feel about their classes. That's a GOOD thing!


The beginning of November, I sensed a stirring on my insides. I had learned so much in the past months:

  • HOW to provide services virtually.That's a GOOD thing!

  • That my participants who took advantage of what I had worked hard and invested in by time and money to provide, were thriving.

They were dedicated. They were consistent. They were appreciative. That's a GOOD thing!

  • That our community is more than a community of fitness participants, but they truly are my fitness family!

We all know each other deeper and more intimately than we ever did before. Even though we met five times a week in-person, we never had the time for the intimate development of getting to truly KNOW each other like we do now. Instead of spending 15 minutes putting away equipment, we spend 15 minutes talking, listening, praying, communicating in the truest sense of the word. We have grown stronger as a result. That's a GOOD thing!

What I sensed stirring inside of me was to take these good things and expound on them by possibly remaining virtual.

I would have NEVER imagined myself doing that a year ago.

However there have been many GOOD things that resulted from being virtual:

  • A mother and daughter who live in two different states workout together in our classes 3-4 times a week.

  • Two childhood besties who live nearly 200 miles apart workout together at least twice a week.

  • Participants who turned into friends that moved away are now back taking classes with their friends, even though miles away.

  • There are not only connections that have grown stronger, there are new connections that have been made - like two beautiful ladies who live states apart and had never met are now having friendly competitions with each other in classes and making it so fun for everyone.

  • Fitness-Family participants can go on vacation or out of town to visit family and not miss their workouts. Or go on girls' weekend trips and make our class the part of the fun adventures for the weekend.

  • Littles, Middles and Spouses can join in on the fun at any time they want and have fun with their families!

  • As I mentioned already, the knowing each other in deeper, more detailed ways is a highlight for me! We have chats, discussions, devotions and sweaty-pinky prayers. The family atmosphere has deepened and widened. We know more details about each others' lives and keep up with each other even more now. I'm so grateful!

These are all true stories. All true experiences that I've witnessed in the last year. Those are all GOOD Things!


In addition, not only can we continue to move, know each other more and have friends and family workout together from all over the globe, I have gone outside of the brick-and-mortar box in my thinking of not only holding fitness classes, but on how to serve clients who need my assistance with Health Gain by Weight Loss in producing a 12 Week Video Course that includes personal coaching via virtual means.

That's a GOOD thing!

I just recently launched the inaugural Course to a small group of excited and dedicated ladies who are determined to gain health by weight loss. It's proving to be a VERY GOOD thing!

If you find yourself wanting to connect with this beautiful fitness-family that has been created or need assistance in losing weight and gaining health, please do not hesitate to reach out. Live Stream and Workouts NOW! On Demand classes are available.

WE are here for you!

Here's a big shout-out to a new friend named Sara who has an amazing website to assist in Faith, Family and Fitness.

She has so much good information and a heart to help and serve others. Please check her out at The Holy Mess! You will be glad you did.

(and a huge THANK YOU to Sara for spotlighting my podcast, From Willingness to Wellness as one of the top 5 Christian Weight Loss Podcasts for Women.)

So much has happened in the past year and regardless of the negatives we have witnessed and experienced, the truth is there are far more positives that have resulted. And...That's a GOOD Thing!


Influencing others to live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives with the understanding that they can do anything, IF they are willing!


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