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Spicin' It Up!

Today's post comes at the request of one of my favorite people, MaryAnn.

MaryAnn asks, "What spices and seasonings do you use most frequently?"

GREAT QUESTION! As promised, here is the answer.

(I will be posting a Chats with Coach Debbi podcast episode in the future where I go over many of the nutritional benefits of different spices and herbs that I use for seasoning. Be listening!)

Below is my actual spice rack.

All of these spices are ones I use regularly, with the ones with the asterisks being the most commonly used. I also have a cabinet above full of other less-used spices, but they are there in the case I need them. I went shopping a few years ago after making my healthy eating lifestyle change for the purpose of finding a spice rack that would work perfectly for my purpose. I keep these right next to my stove to make them super convenient to use. Remember, my love language is convenience.

I'll not take time now to go over all the health benefits of every one, but again be listening for that info in an upcoming episode.

  • A - Basil

  • B - Thyme

  • C - Garlic Powder

  • D - Green Tea Mint Salt

  • E - Marjoram

  • F - Smoked Paprika

  • G* - Turmeric (MANY health benefits, adds color, but not an over abundance of flavor)

  • H - Cumin

  • I - Chili Powder

  • J - Ginger

  • K - Cinnamon, Ceylon (the container says Saigon, but I actually use the bottle to hold my Ceylon Cinnamon - better for you.)

  • L - Cloves

  • M* - Organic No-Salt Seasoning, a mix of all kinds of flavors (I used to use Braggs Sprinkle until I started having a hard time finding it. This is just as flavorful.) I store a small amount in the glass bottle and keep the rest in my pantry.

  • N - Paprika

  • O - Oregano

  • P - Mint Leaves

  • Q - Cardamom Powder

  • R - Mustard Seed, ground

  • S - Black Pepper

  • T - Himalayan Salt

  • U - Onion Flakes

  • Avocado Oil in a glass spray bottle

  • The tub of white on the top shelf is a small container of Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

I season season season for flavor, but also for nutrition. You may be surprised to learn just how nutritionally beneficial it is to season your food. For now, trust me, it is...

So, Spice it Up!

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