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Sweet Potato Chowder

Here is a super easy, simple and delicious recipe that I created by experimentation. It's become a favorite in our home.

Sweet Potato Soup/Chowder

Debbi Robertson


  • 2-3 medium/large organic sweet potatoes

  • ¼ of whole onion

  • 4 cups water

  • 1 cup fave milk (I use almond)

  • sprinkle or two of ground flax seed (optional - for nutrition benefits only)

  • seasonings: salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin, basil, marjoram, chili powder, turmeric, a little cinnamon and anything else you like.


  • Wash and trim ends off of potatoes. If using organic potatoes, do not peel (nutritional benefits). Cut up into slices or cubes and put in pan with water. Season. Cook until potatoes become slightly soft.

  • Put ¾ of potatoes and about ¾ of your onion chunk into the a high power blender (I use a VitaMix). Pour some of the water in - about ¾. Add milk and more seasonings. Blend on high until smooth. Taste.

  • Add more seasonings if needed. Add remaining potatoes and onion and more water if needed and pulse a few times until you have some chunks in your chowder. EAT AND ENJOY!

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