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Year End Resolutions

One of the most universal things that many people do in January, is make New Year's Resolutions.

By March or April most of those exciting dreams, desires and aspirations have been long forgotten. Some will have reached or continue to work towards making those changes that were burning within the heart at the beginning of the year, but sadly, most do not.

What I want to encourage you to do today - as we near the first month of the season we call, Fall, is this:

Make a Year End Resolution!

What is a Year End Resolution?

Resolve to achieve, acquire or attain something by the end of this current year. Then make your actions line up to that resolution.

This is the perfect time to make a resolution for change or tweaks in what we are currently working towards, especially if that resolution has anything to do with health gain and/or weight loss.


Because the most unhealthy eating time of year is just before us.

The holiday period with all of its sugary, fatty, nutritional-lacking treats and their wonderful fragrant appeal will be everywhere, just hoping to tempt us with the lie of "just one won't hurt". By the way, have you ever wondered why they are called "treats" when they really trick our body into moving towards damage and lack of health?


Let's start a new tradition with creating a Year End Resolution today. Even if you only last three or four months in this resolution, you will have made it to Year End!

What can you resolve to do by the end of the year? What would you like to see happen by that time?

Imagine meeting those desires and starting the new year a step or two ahead.

Can you imagine how your New Year's Resolution might be a little different next year?

Let's commit to this, work to consistently achieve it and persevere during the times of temptation and find out.

Comment below and let me know...Are you in? What will you resolve to do?

Let's make our Year End Resolutions NOW!

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